Author Rax King on Snooki, overcoming suicidality, and getting away from judging yourself and others.
Plus: opioids are killing more people than ever, but the mainstream media gets the story wrong. It's the latest Link Drop!
How psychiatry excuses oppression via unequal diagnosis (a book report on The Protest Psychosis).
A young New Yorker discusses involuntary psychiatric hospitalization, and finding mental health care that doesn't feel like punishment.
On the radical potential of (good) therapy
[LINK DROP] Turns out plain ol' shiitakes and creminis can help with depression. Plus more links!
A 20-something English teacher on getting off antidepressants after a decade, and learning to cope with grief without a diagnosis.
"My skill as a surfer didn’t matter—what mattered was my willingness to structure my life around the pursuit of fun over work in some small way."
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