You're not crazy, the world is.

Welcome to Mental Hellth by me, P.E. Moskowitz.

My overall goal with this is to hammer home one point: mental health is the product of the fucked up world we live in. Too often, prescription drug companies, psychiatrists, and the media make us think that all problems exist in our own heads—functions of brain chemistry and disorders, not our environments and traumas.

Challenging the dominant theory of mental health means challenging some very foundational ideas about capitalism: that we are all individuals with unique problems, that mental health, and health in general, can be solved at the individual level.

To me, the solution to our horrid mental health is societal: we are stressed, depressed and driven crazy by the isolation forced upon us by capitalism, by our long work hours, by expectations for productivity.

I hope this becomes a repository for information that liberates the ways we think about mental health.

I’ll be writing about the links between mental health and capitalism, exploring alternative treatments for mental health issues, interviewing very cool people about our current conceptualizations of health and wellness, and more! Your support will allow me to keep this project up, and hopefully help YOU change the way you think about mental health.

(BTW, the painting up top is Goya’s The Dog)