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This has nothing to do with this article, so I apologize in advance, but I find it deeply ironic and sad that this site is loudly against our capitalistic society but requires a paid membership to comment on certain articles- specifically I’m talking about the BuzzFeedification of Mental Heath article. I wanted to thank a commentator for putting words to my frustration with the article only to be pushed into purchasing subscription to do so? Eh!? Can anyone explain how that makes sense and isn’t a form of soft censorship? I apologize for my dramatic language, I’m just trying to desperately understand my mind more and more importantly my sisters mind. This site has been incredibly profound but it’s disheartening how condescending the writers can be. It’s almost akin to folks who don’t have lived experiences offering advice to those in the rut, and honestly a tad bit worse Bc it’s like “I did it so you should too”. The titles are deliberately provocative without also providing a sense of sensitivity. It’s like a bulldozer. But hopefully someone can respond. I’m really seeking dialogue rather than an argument as I’m trying to grow.

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