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Death Panel too often veers into emphasizing personal responsibility. In their latest episode, their guest is actually arguing that if you're playing softball, you should be wearing a mask inside the dugout because the virus can still be transmitted outdoors. The whole episode is about the danger of outdoor transmission. What are we supposed to take from this other then fear and guilt if we don't live up to these impossible standards for years on end? I don't understand what this has to do with holding the government accountable or explaining the government's role in prolonging this pandemic. The fact is without worldwide governmental cooperation to put an end to this pandemic, it could not have been stopped. That cannot happen under capitalism. What is the goal of having this type of personal responsibility rhetoric on a purportedly leftist Anti capitalist podcast? It took me so long just to be able to prioritize myself and my mental well-being enough to do some of the things that their latest guest apparently doesn't think I should do, i.e. run on a sometimes relatively crowded outdoor track without a mask. I stopped listening to Death Panel a while ago, but occassionally still check the titles and played this episode for a couple minutes. I just can't believe it. Yes the corporate media has weaponized mental health against public health in a shameful manner. But that doesn't mean our mental health is not a factor.

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