Every policymaker who talks about “greater access to mental health care” as some kind of objective good needs to become acquainted with this story and the thousands just like it.

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As a clinical therapist I'm rather taken back by this article. It contains only on persons personal account.. The field of mental heath is very complex, a place where 1+1 = 2 does not exist . We are working with many variables no 2 cases are exactly a like. To say that we are a cult is far fetched. If a person has an assessment with a psychartist and they suggest medication they have a choice to take it or not. It is not mandatory. I have personally counseled many in my 25 years practice. I have observed many clients healing from their pain. In a world where mental health has always had a stigma why would this article be one sided.? This can cause harm to those who have thought about seeking help but now are told that psychartists belong to a cult. Mental health professionals take the same oath as Doctor ". Do no harm.". This article is only a few people's experiences (opinions ) on how destructive mental health professional are. How about some research stats that show how effective mental health counseling is. How we have empowered our clients with education, coping skills and how to navigate barriers. Thus the healing process begins.

Yes my opinion but I live it daily I observe people finding happiness, healing and peace.

Janet Smith LMSW

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