I love this (and I joined!) but it's a bummer it's only available through the app. Just throwing it out there: Mental Hellth discord? 👀

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we used to have one of those but it was kind of a ghost town -- unfortunately i think not enough people use discord to get a critical mass for it to work for Mental Hellth. but we'll see how this chat stuff goes and maybe i'll re-start the discord eventually.

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Nov 8, 2022Liked by P.E. Moskowitz

Love this development!!!

Hot take from a one-time Discord moderator of a 150+ person group: there are frankly too many buttons, channels, and features on Discord to make it easily accessible to the not-chronically-online crowd. That, plus the "too-many-anonymous-people-in-this-grouptext" phenomena makes it hard to feel invested in the whole thing.

Very happy with the simplicity of this new Substack feature. Cheers

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Yes,I definitely like this better than discord!

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