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Thank you for the words you have so eloquently strung together, Anonymous Incarcerated Multiracial Trans Woman! It is amazing to me that with all you see and experience from your barred home, you still believe "there flickers a spark of hope." I often find that spark hard to find, but I hold tight to a faith that lives in the depths of my soul. I believe we are all threaded together at the core of existence, and when depression and anxiety threaten to engulf me, I go deep within and wrap my material self in that faith. Every day I struggle to find a way to stand against the hate and injustice that has become so pervasive in our country. I stand with you; let's be part of those unwilling to give in to that worldview.

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Our Sibling,

Your beautiful words cascade into my soul, all be it from a very different place. Oceans apart.

I hope I can somehow send you all the TransLove, Transhealing, TransJoy, Transwellbeing and TransLibaration You unquestionably deserve, a gentle safe embrace radiating into each of your steps, every breath, beautiful multiracial trans woman. You glow, in the words you craft.

Thank you, and for sharing your gift.

I wish you could see, in so many ways; you are this hope too. Seriously. What you’ve been through, my love. Yes, you are right, this is a failure of humanity, as much as complex systemic harms and barriers in the many intersectional inequalities we face.

Yes you are right, we will overcome this too.

We deserve equality, equity & respect.

Oh holy hell. Yes… I’m not sure Fox News etc, is the most inclusive news outlet… maybe even a bit notorious for transphobic narratives. Across the pond, in the U.K… I can’t say it’s much better in some of the media. Please know… as much as we have this, unprecedented level of hate; for so many reasons, and arguably in many places, it is getting worse, you are entirely on point with this.

As much as that is real. We have to be careful.

It’s also because, we have unprecedented love, inclusions, and progress in places too.

Not in anyway to minimise the harms or sufferings we face, in this ongoing fight for existence.

We have more of us able to fight, and there will only be more of us.

We have more support services and grassroots orgs than ever existed made by us for us too.

I have no doubt you have the ability to be the most wonderful part of our community too, please trust there will be many who can feel you and already are.

Breathe in those hard moments knowing, please.

You have talent and power in your words, your thoughts and feelings. Beautiful soul.

You have a community, who love you.

We agree with you.

You will find your community, across our globe of rainbow people, not to minimise; minority stress, pressures and hate, do create difficulties in our community, I wish I could tell you we are more unified than we are. There is a lot of work to do.

We need you.

Unfortunately, yes many of us are isolated too.

Especially folk in wheelchairs like me :) it’s not the same, but .. many will have some understanding.

Ofcourse you are aware the power of your experience to educate us; finding healthy ways we can share and grow away from this.

(Reality is .. very human too Ofc!)

Your are entirely valid in your concerns.

There are many places still unsafe.

Please be, careful. You deserve to find your feet, finding places you love, where you can love you too, free to explore a million and one + ways to explore that, or just kick back and chill. For a moment.

Religion!! Ha, well it’s actually quite interesting, some amazing queer minds have researched across a few religions, past and present; we have strong evidence to suggest… we have always existed and there are many representations extending into ancient civilisations. We have a rich history sister.

There is so much to look forwards to. Still so much to learn and explore, for all of us. I’m likely behind on some of the books in this moment.

I tell you what scares me; our kids, they are as inspirational as they are wayyy ahead, it’s a bit intimidating. Even possible to get a bit overwhelmed, dare I say it, even so saturated (by performative inclusion) in places.. it’s possible to get quite bored and make jokes about it. With folk who will laugh with you.

Hey you, god damn wise worded beautiful multiracial trans woman. We hear you.

I’m sorry my love, the world still ain’t built for us, yes… endless asshats.. but also… endless unconditional lgbtqia+ community love in places too. It does exist. You already have it.

Feel it swell in your soul, gently there. Like air. I wish I could bathe you in a sea of it, trans goddess, (oh yes! There are parties to look forwards to, don’t forget, book shops still exist! quiet cosy dinners, coffees in café just people watching. Natural being, you are Nature, naturally you belong with us. Out here.

Streets glittered, rainbow flagged. Whole neighbours and cities. Places our flags fly free in sunset breeze… still fresh and waiting, willing us sun rising into another day.

These.. places that call themselves ‘news’ outlets like fox … I could be wrong, I think they minimise how well we do, not just that, same sad old demonisation transphobic rhetoric blah. (Respecting, hate is still fresh, not just old too).

But we are fresh too -

It’s time to bloom xX

Oh the ART to sibling, something to look forwards to. Our siblings have made. You will enjoy; and so many people will enjoy you. Openly. I bet, you’ll get lost in lgbtqia+ shops, centres, little sanctuaries, we can just be. Together. Peaceful moments.

You will find safe spaces.

I can’t promise immediately, but just like you, we do exist. You are not alone sister.

You will find people, who will love you, accept you, celebrate you.

I can promise we exist around this earth.

We share too many of similar hardships, not to fight together.

You can and will find people who will have your back, and tell you that is where the sun shines! (in the most loving way, sweet moments between your friends).

The protests sibling… ah you are going love them, as much as yes. It’s a protest just to stay alive, even closeted, stealthing; too many places we are apparently illegal… one was too much, yes we loose to many, still.

We have a right to live quietly. Hopefully.

We do have more prides protests and celebrations than ever too.

I’d love to have this conversation with you over tea, perhaps many would.

So many people complain, even; some these prides have become too commercial and these cisgender-heterosexual ‘play gay for the day’ and try to profiteer… I suppose that means we are worth something?

We have protests and prides, both political and celebration…. Picket lines and ones safe enough, I can take my trans kids, with designated kids areas for our families, with craft activities and security, to protect us from them. Sometimes.

There is one in Brazil, I’ve not been too so I will copy and paste;

“The Sao Paulo Gay Pride in Brazil is considered the biggest gay Pride parade in the world (holding the record in the Guinness Book of World Records). Officially a five-day event, the party starts 3 weeks before with events such as concerts and performances, cultural fairs, street markets and more.” - Alexander Goldsmith. (Who made an online guide… New York; is apparently 1st place, Brazil is 2nd).

Sister, hold your fears, in equal measure of your joys; if that’s the only equality we can have.

There might even be times, you need alone time, because you have so many friends.

Personally, I think, the… ignorant imbecilic criminal stupidity of transphobic idiots… is because we are also on the cusp of having the most trans support and allyship we have ever had too.

Globally, (alright, we do have a long way to go), arguably; many are achieving great change too. Even gently everyday, we deserve wellbeing and health.

Spain is very inspiring, in small example; “transition is enabled with self identification, joining Argentina, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, and Uruguay that have also have gender recognition procedures that foreground individual autonomy.”

I copied and pasted the above, don’t worry it won’t be a thing you are expected to remember everything all the time. Take your time. It’s yours

Respecting nothing is perfect…

“We have The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), an interdisciplinary professional association with more than 700 members worldwide.

According to ‘hrc.org’, there are an estimated 2 million trans people in America.

As far as I’m aware, so far we can evidence approximately 2%- 6%(Switzerland) of any nations population is trans.

It’s currently estimated around 5% of young adults in America identify as trans, nonbinary or gender fluid.”

(There are many people who might contest this Ofc…).

Shhhhh…. There are more of us than ever :)

I hope that makes you smile <3

As much hate as you may read, that is thrown at you, around you, or has been.

Please know, out here.

There is also immense community love for you.

Endless unconditional safe respecting community and trans family love with gentle strength to you valid sister,

- from a random 33yr old trans dad. U.k/ ‘terf island’ :)

- (I’m not saying it’s easy!).

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