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Can MRIs See Our Thoughts? (Not Really)

Low Hum // High Hum

Mindfulness at the End of the World

From Victim of the Mental Health System to Practitioner

Exporting the American Brain

Finding Joy in a Terrible World

The Terrible Rise of Terrible Therapy Apps

Racialized Disorders

Treatment Beyond Punishment

"Psychoanalysis can help us dream of things outside of capitalism."

Normal Mushrooms Are Good for You Too

Grief, Unmedicated

Making Space for Fun Under Capitalism

Apple Wants to Tell You You're Depressed

Listening to Ketamine

How AA's Hardline Stance Ruins Relationships


This is Not the End

Twitter is a Casino, and We Are All Addicts

How to Break Through Our Neoliberal Selves

The Current Crisis of Sexlessness

Have We Jumped the Shark with Psychedelics?

The Often Racist, Pro-Capitalist Function of Diagnosis

Stress Was Invented by Big Tobacco to Sell You Cigarettes

Organizing and fighting without dying

A Drug Memoir That Isn't Anti-Drug 

Going Beyond Diagnosis in East London

Even Psychiatrists Hate the Chemical Imbalance Model

Life in the Fog

#FreeBritney and #FreeThemAll

Heroin Can Be Good for You

Emotional Intelligence Is a Scam

The Brutal Honesty of Old Prescription Drug Ads

Get rid of your depressed friends!!!!!!

Capitalist Realism Is Fake

Give Up

"CBT is a band-aid on a broken leg"

"Psychology is the tool for correcting capitalism's contradictions"

How Peer Support Can Move People Beyond Traditional Mental Healthcare

No Coping Mechanism Is Safe from Neoliberalism

Psychiatry Is an Abolitionist Issue

A Brief Microdosing Diary

SSRIs Aren't the Solution, but Neither Is This Book

Mental Health Visibility Is Not Enough

The Covid Breaking Point Is the Capitalist Breaking Point

Health Is a Myth, Sickness Is a Weapon

Disability Justice and Mental Health, Pt. 1

Reality Is Scary, So We Create Our Own

How Capitalism Rewards the Least Ethical Brain Science 

The BuzzFeedification of Mental Health

'Drugs are just drugs': America's deadly, retrograde view of pleasure and pain

A student therapist tells all: snake oil cures and broken treatment methods