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The Rubber Band Conundrum

Exercise Is an Antidepressant. Why Isn't It Used More to Treat Depression?

The Adderall Shortage is Driving Us Crazy

What If Weed Is Sometimes Bad?

What Happened to the Three Martini Lunch?

What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like to You?

Mental Health Was Once Radical. What Happened?

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Health Nihilism, Depressed Teens, Jewish Therapy, and More!

My Time in the Mental Health Industrial Complex

Help! SSRI Commercials Are Following Me Everywhere

Goop Anti-Capitalism; or Anti-Capitalist Goopism

Everything the Media Gets Wrong About Health

The NYT Discovers We Live in a Society

Let's All Be Like Vancouver

We Are All Sick but Not in the Way We Think

[LINK DROP] Teens Are Really, Really Sad

Confession: I Love Self-Help!

Fuck Puritanism

"I was a cult member in the cult of psychiatry"

What If Everything We Know about Depression Is Wrong?

Against Forever-Therapy

Involuntary Healing

The Mental Toll of Activist Infighting

"Not Feeling Anything Feels Bad"

A Community of Fear

Who Has the Right to Die?


Screening Teens for Anxiety Won't Solve a Mental Health Crisis

Let's Go Mets

Internet Agency

Grief Is a DSM Disorder

What Happened to the Communal, Revolutionary Spirit?

Driving Ourselves Mad

Getting off SSRIs Is Hard

The Exhausting, Endless Black Trauma-Art Feedback Loop

Baseball, Capitalism and Panic Attacks

Telling a Million People You Want to Kill Yourself

Fentanyl-Detecting Laser Beams Won't Stop the Overdose Crisis

"There Is No Moral Imperative to Be Miserable"

Is Addiction Real? Are Emotions Real? Is Anything Real?

I Undiagnosed Myself to Get Better

The Crisis of Nursing Under Capitalism

Selling Rehab

Is Dream Work a Corrupted Form of Psychology?

Medicating Normal: Why so Many of Us Are on Drugs

Capitalism, Fascism and Mental Health

Seeking Out Pain On Purpose